Sepulveda pointed out that Vieira’s statistics indicate a good gun

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Portuguese Liga football expert Pedro Sepulveda has commented on the transfer of Fabio Vieira from FC Porto to Arsenal. Saying that the head coach’s team Mikel Arteta has pick up the good as the record set by the 22-year-old cannot lie.

The Gunners have offered Fabio a long – term contract in exchange for a fee of up to 34 million pounds , making him the third new player to join the Emirates. The stadium follows Dan Matt Turner and winger Marquinhos.  

In which, from the point of view of people who are familiar with football in the Foi Thong league, Sepulveda dares to bet that Portuguese U -21 footballers are really cool ufabet.  

Portuguese U -21 footballers are really cool

“ We are talking about a player who is good at right-wing. Then there is a tricky child that cuts into the middle ” Opening the mouth with ‘ Sky Sports ‘

“ He can also play other positions without embarrassment: left wing , attacking midfielder , number #10 . Although his pace is not very fast, but with flexibility. When dribbling with him or running through empty cars to find space to receive the ball is outstanding. ” 

“ A lot of people in England are wondering why Arsenal would pay that much money for a player who is not a real Porto player, but when you look at the stats This kind of thing never lies. ” 

” He played 39 games for Porto, last season he scored seven goals , 16 assists. ” 

“ Considering the goals he scored, They were all born in important games, shooting against defending champions Sporting Lisbon or batting against Benfica , Porto’s other main rival .

“ And time on the field always produces results. Influences the game including the CCP stage .”  

Waiting to follow up on Vieira ‘s performance, whether it’s good as advertised or not, by ‘ Cannon ‘ will start the pre – season at the beginning of next month and start warming up to visit Nuremberg (8 July ) , then slowly go . US Tour