Review of Wild West Gold, a slot game from PP camp

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Wild West Gold review , Western cowboy slot game, play the role of sheriff and go on a gold treasure hunt. Wild West Gold slot game in the style of cowboy bounty hunter from Pragmatic Play, a slot game ufabet that focuses on high payouts. lots Paying more than the amount used to bet is to say that this is A real cowboy treasure trove of high paying bonus games with free spins purchase system to get huge bonuses.

Wild West Gold Review , Variations of Slot Games

It comes in a cowboy style with 5 reels, 4 rows of windows, up to 40 different payouts, making the chances of gamblers making money with this game really easy. Start betting with only 6 baht.

And it’s up to 3,000 baht. Very small capital can come to play. There is also a special multiplier to increase the bonus money that we will receive. It can be said that the Wild West Gold multiply and multiply again makes the prize very high. Along with the free spin system that is ready

Let you hunt for a big jackpot prize that has the opportunity to pay up to 10,000x the amount. That is said to be very brave.

“ Wildwes Gold ” can  be considere as another easy – to – play slot game with multiple win bonuses , develop from the famous slot game label Pragmatic Play that created it. Many popular games , including this sheriff slot.

That made Wild Wes Gold a hit in 2020-2022 shortly after its launch. and can still reign in its popularity to this day

The game’s story in Wild West Gold centers on a small town in the western country where legend has it. There was a huge gold treasure hid in it. From a quiet city in the middle of the desert When news of the gold treasure spread So many cowboys came to look for the legendary gold. At the same time, thieves began to hijack the villagers in that area as well. Until causing the sheriff to come out to protect his townspeople with his trusty gun and keep the legendary treasure.