Funny boat alumni roll a broken tank, “Barca” to buy Silva

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Ex-Manchester City defender Pablo Zabaleta has laughed at the speculation. That Barcelona are preparing a bid for Bernardo Silva from the Etihad Stadium. Because of his financial support. Kicking the full season 2022-23, still survived tired. So don’t expect 70-80 million euros to buy Portuguese players ufabet.

‘ Barca ‘ has been linked with the 27 – year -old playmaker since the English Premier League market opened on June 10 , even though team manager Josep Guardiola came out. Overcome the current, but it doesn’t seem like it has calmed down yet.

Recently, the former Argentine defender roused the Catalan elite from the lavender fields , telling Bernardo that such a monstrous price, there was no way a club like Barcelona could afford it .  

” Signing Bernardo Silva is full of complexity , ” said Mundo Deportivo .

” It’s difficult for Manchester City to let him go, that’s a huge backlash for the team. “

“ There is always a possibility of a move out. Since the players personally want to play in the Spanish La Liga, it is theoretically possible, but it would not be easy or affordable to be a player from City . 

“ Silva is not a cheap player. I don’t know how Barcelona’s financial situation is, has the potential to win a big name like that or not – from past experience. It is a personal view that I want him to be able to continue playing for Man City . ” 

Besides Bernardo , Barcelona are also considering taking on Bayern Munich ‘s Robert Lewandowski and Sevilla ‘s Jules Kunde .